Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Week 13b: Pretty Girl

My pretty little girl turned FIVE this week! (Weird! I've been a mom for that long!?) And here she is--tutu, wings, and mask intact--blissfully spinning out of control. (So about like normal, in other words.)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Week 13: Time-out.

Asher got a time-out for hitting.

Turned out okay, though, because he also got a groupie out of it.

(And, in case you are wondering: no. Neither of them were convincing enough to end the three-minute sentence early.)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Week 12: Gallery

My bedroom is a (tiny) haven of peace in my chaotically small house. I didn't want it cluttered up with "stuff" all over the walls. But I LOVE art (as you may have guessed...) and wouldn't want my own special space to be without it. So, instead of hanging my artwork in a "traditional" manner, I clumped it all together on this wall opposite the door. Most of the things up were gifts, or my own work; but there were a couple of gaps--until my new friend Carrie had the brilliant idea of doing a swap with other members of our Etsy team (Female Photographers of Etsy)! I swapped a couple of my own photographs for two gorgeous 5x7"s, and voilá! Gap problem solved! (Though not the low-lighting problem... Sorry for the darkness...)

This new photo was from Carrie herself. I've a feeling she is a kindred spirit even though (or perhaps BECAUSE?) she lives far away in beautiful, green Ireland.

And this one is from a lovely girl named Patricia. I found out that we had a surprising amount in common, even though most of her photography is of her exotic world travels and I'm about as HOMEbound as it's possible to be...

It was great getting to know these wonderful women a little bit, and I'm grateful I have their beautiful artwork to enjoy for years to come! I highly recommend visiting their shops, and picking up some of your own *hint, hint*! ;D

Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 11.5: ...Comes Order

This is the order that came from the earlier chaos that is my craft table. This is Hera, Olympian Queen of the Gods (modeled by my pretty sister-in-law--thanks, Ashley!!!). She was created from papier-mâché and then smothered in all the pretty tidbits she could glean from my piles of useless junk. I'm posting it in Week 12, but I actually took the shot last week so I could get the mask listed on Etsy. :D Hooray for finishing a mask! Now on to the several others yet unfinished... *sigh*

Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 11: Proof

So, you may think you are looking at a picture of my cluttered living room. Not so. This photograph is PROOF that I am a couch-cushion-fort building master. Yeah. With three separate rooms, a "back yard", and an "outdoor" workspace, you are looking at a plush masterpiece. That lasted roughly 20 minutes. Oh, well. (Does this count as upcycling...?)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Week 10b: The Little Folk

Earlier in the week, looking at my big straw "outdoor" broom gave me the inspiration to create a tiny version for our fairies. I have seen some pretty incredible fairy houses (and furniture) lately on Etsy, but I especially like the ones that are totally natural--not using distinctly human things, like hot glue. ;) So, I fashioned this tiny replica out of soft yellow grass (of which, there is an abundance right now...), a forsythia twig, and a stray bit of wire (which, okay, I "found" in my craft supplies). It stands a little over 5" tall. Just because fairies are mischievous doesn't mean they can't be tidy.

Week 10: Springy

Look what we woke up to this morning! :D Good morning, sun!

Monday, March 07, 2011

Week 9: Mardi Gras Party!!!

It is no longer Week 9. In my defense, though, I did take these pictures during Week 9 and just couldn't get them up until now. So.

Over the weekend we had a family Mardi Gras party! (No, not on Tuesday; but then we aren't Catholic or celebrating Lent, either, so maybe that doesn't matter after all). It was lots and lots of fun--and why wouldn't it be when we had fantastic cream-cheese filled King Cake and a platter-ful of steaming hot Beignets!? Thanks to everyone that came to party with us (and brought food!)!