Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 11.5: ...Comes Order

This is the order that came from the earlier chaos that is my craft table. This is Hera, Olympian Queen of the Gods (modeled by my pretty sister-in-law--thanks, Ashley!!!). She was created from papier-mâché and then smothered in all the pretty tidbits she could glean from my piles of useless junk. I'm posting it in Week 12, but I actually took the shot last week so I could get the mask listed on Etsy. :D Hooray for finishing a mask! Now on to the several others yet unfinished... *sigh*


Sarah @ Sarahndipities said...

It really did turn out beautifully! I love the colors and textures!! Woot!!

Gramma Joy and Grampa Todd said...

An amazing creation! Certainly fit for a goddess ;o) Beautiful mask, model and photograph :o)