Saturday, July 09, 2011

Week 27: Visual Love Letter to Seattle

Seattle=green. As evidenced by this view through my friend's kitchen window.

The Gum Wall (Yeah...gross, right?)

When in doubt as to whether or not you are in the correct restroom, please check your chromosomes. Yes, seriously.

A view from the inside of the Seattle public library. (We're sort of nerdy. Even on road trips.)

Some lovely peonies at the Pike Place market.

Three of my experiments with low light at Golden Gardens.

A spider-web at Gas Works Park

The fantastically beautiful reading room in the Suzzallo Library on the University of Washington's campus.

A view through the campus' sunlit cherry trees.

SAM (Seattle Art Museum)

Green Lake, Underexposed

Green Lake, Overexposed

The most AWESOME people to bomb around Seattle with!!! :D


Shauna said...

I know those girls!!!! That reading room picture is AMAZING my friend. Did you get to go on a girl adventure kid free?

Melissa said...

Love. :)

Lexi said...

Ah, I miss you all!I like the low light experiments.