Saturday, August 20, 2011

Week 32: Visual Storytelling

A little preview of the fairy tale pictures that Sarah and I (mostly Sarah ;D ) digitally enhanced this week! So, here I am as Scheherazade!


Shauna said...

Oooh, very cool! I don't know her story. Wasn't she some sort of scarlet woman? :)

amanda j said...

Ahaha! No, indeed. In fact, you could say that Scheherazade REDEEMED the scarlet woman. The king had been betrayed by his first wife and so had her killed and vowed to take a new wife each night and have her murdered the next morning because women were treacherous, etc. Well, in her cleverness, Scheherazade (the daughter of the Grand Vizier) agreed to marry the king and told her little sister to wait in their room. When Scheherazade and the king got to the room, the sister came out and requested that as this was her sister's last night alive, she be allowed to finish a tale she had begun telling the night before. The king agreed. So all through the night Scheherazade continues the thread of her story, and when dawn comes, the king is so intrigued that he wants to hear the end and doesn't have her murdered. This continues for 1,001 nights until the king realizes what bravery and cleverness he's married and alters the decree so he can be happy with the wife he now loves. Ever since seeing the picture, Isabel's been requesting this story all the time. ;) And now you know why it's one of my favorites!