Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Week 7: Spring has Sprung!

For the second time this year, I hung my laundry outside today! It will probably snow tomorrow, but for now it's nice to get the kids out in the fresh air, sweep out the gutters (who knew that one could look forward to this chore!?), and have the possibility of dry clothes in a matter of hours, rather than days! :D Happy (almost) Spring!


Linda said...

Dry clothes take days at your house? I'm feeling very "dryer-blessed" this winter! Love your photo,though!

Gramma Joy and Grampa Todd said...

Look at that beautiful blue sky! I can just imagine that you're all pretty anxious for Spring to come :o)

amanda j said...

Yes, Aunt Linda, drying the clothes sometimes does take days at my house. To be fair, though, it's usually only in the coldest part of winter and when I've let the laundry stack up a TEEENY bit too much. (So I have more than I should on the rack...) And you people living in those darn warmer climates! ;)